[blfs-dev] xscreensaver shutdown behavior

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Tue Jun 3 23:01:44 PDT 2014

I usually start Xorg from the command line and log out to the command 
line when done.  One thing I've noticed is a nasty message from 
xscreensaver about how we've installed it incorrectly or that we are 
running as root (suid) when we shouldn't be.

I've traced that down to a function that tries to restart xscreensaver 
when it gets a SIGHUP signal.  It is getting this either from the window 
manager (in my case xfce) or the kernel.  But of course the restart 
fails because Xorg has shut down the display.

I have fixed this in my build script with the following:

sed -i -e '/restart_process/i\    exit(0);' \
        -e '/restart_process/,+1d'           \

I don't think this is suitable for the book, but am putting it out here 
so that searches may find it.

The sed is actually interesting as it inserts a line and then deletes a 
range (two lines) at the same point.  It requires gnu sed as it uses an 
extension the to the posix standard.

   -- Bruce

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