[blfs-dev] Recent Activities

Christopher Gregory me at pc-networking-services.com
Tue Jun 3 14:00:01 PDT 2014

On Wed, June 4, 2014 8:31 am, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> Just a note to say thinks to all who have helped in my exploration of a
> lot of new hardware.  I have now made everything work on my new laptop and
> it has been a challenge.
> One of the reasons I got the new system was to have additional HW to
> support BLFS development.  Here is a list of things that I have now been
> able to check out:
> SD Card Reader
> USB 3.0
> Intel i915 based Video
> Bootable GPT Partition
> Disabling unneeded UEFI 'BIOS'
> HDMI Output
> VGA Output
> DVD Drive
> Bluetooth
> System Suspend
> System Hibernate
> Intel HD Audio Controller(s)
> Toshiba Web Camera (internal)
> Logitech Web Camera (external)
> Intel Wireless Network Controller
> Along the way I've been able to study the Linux Kernel configuration in
> additional depth, work with polkt/consolkit, and finally explore gtk+ and
> some gnome applications that I didn't have before.
> My log right now shows 313 BLFS packages built in this effort.  Some of
> those are repeats, but that's the nature of development.
> I also want to say that there are many parts of BLFS that I have not
> looked at closely before.  I continue to be impressed with the quality work
> of the editors, past and present.  Many of my problems were due to trying
> to go too fast and not reading what is there closely enough. There are
> still a few niggles that need to be fixed up, but overall, it's a
> wonderful resource.
> I'll now return to LFS to get caught up.  There are nine packages
> waiting for update.  I'll hold off gettext-0.19 because I am expecting
> 0.19.1 soon.
> -- Bruce
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Hello Bruce,

With my discovery of linuxfromscratch, I moved to the GPT layout for
disks.  Finally able to ditch the limitations on partitions.  Seems to be
a better way for a linux system to finally be rid of the old limitations.

The only gotcha for people is to make sure that you actually create the
bios_grub partition before installation or your system will not boot.

When you are up against deadlines, either real or self-imposed it is very
difficult to slow yourself down.

I have made some mistakes when I have been seriously tired, namely after
working 72 hours straight with no sleep.  Done that on several occasions
for employers.



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