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Christopher Gregory me at pc-networking-services.com
Mon Jun 2 18:42:43 PDT 2014

On Tue, June 3, 2014 12:43 pm, Fernando de Oliveira wrote:
> Em 02-06-2014 20:41, Christopher Gregory escreveu:
>> I guess these little quirks are the joys of computing, but if everyone
>> has built things the same way, and some have issues and others don't it
>> gets really frustrating, as for me it makes me wonder if I have actually
>> done something wrong somewhere along the line.
> Problem is exactly this. Nobody builds the same way. Packages are chosen
> differently, dependencies used, order chosen, configure parameters, even
> some flags, can all be very different. The number of possible combinations
> is large, it is impossible to cover and test all different possibilities
> for the book.
> A little difference, like using system Cairo, can make all difference.
> But you are a good example of what happened to most of us. First build
> has many problems, then second is easier. Until you get your own order.
> Some of us like using the support, others, try to solve themselves the
> problems, we are all different, trying to do the same thing: build
> {,B}LFS.
> Do not let frustration stop you. I think you are doing pretty well.
> And when we know how to help, we always do, because we try to write the
> book exactly to learn and to get people learning as well, and modify many
> times, when see problem being repeated.
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> []s,
> Fernando
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Hello Fernando,

This is the exact challenge I am currently having with regards to creating
a blfs gnome-book that covers the full gnome 3.12 desktop with the
configure switches recommended by the gnome developers.  Namely the build
order of the packages.

I suspected that my build order for BLFS was at least part of my problems,
and getting the order correct is a bit challenging.

This time round, I have an installed version of gnome on my internal
laptop hard drive.  One version of lfs systemd installed on my exernal
hard drive that I have XORG installed and not much else from BLFS, and a
second installation of the svn version of lfs systemd installed by jhalf
which I am currently up to the stage of building the full gnome on.

I wanted to totally eliminate the need for re-compiling some packages from
gnome, and only doing the install once, but if you want a graphical
webbrowser then sadly some of the gnome dependencies do get pulled in
along the way.

I think that I have worked out the best way to do this with the minimum
amount of rebuilding but only a complete install will know if this is an
accurate assessment.

At least when I have finished with this book, people will have a choice
between what I have done and what Wayne has also done.

It *may* solve some of the frustrations that I had getting gnome working. 
I must have rebuilt gnome using their automated tool jhbuild around 20
times before I just totaly gave up on having it install it in /opt/gnome
as they recommended it to be installed in, as GDM just would NOT work.

  It was also an eye opener using their tool, as despite stating that you
only wanted the STABLE 3.12 version, after the build, you find that
something was not working, so I went into the build directories, read
the NEWS file and the config.log and find that a few of the packages had
unstable versions pushed on me.

Part of that may well be that as I have not extensively used git or svn
before that I needed to actually see what branches were on the server
first, and go into the config files and specifically specify that branch.

That is not something that is easy to get correct.  The gnome developers
are very active and as it also calls in software from, for example
freedesktop it is frigging well hard to keep things to only stable.



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