[blfs-dev] bash script

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Mon Jun 2 09:59:12 PDT 2014

Aleksandar Kuktin wrote:

> 	# ... yada yada yada ...
> } 2>&1 | tee $SDIR/logs/$PROGRAM.log
> time_elapsed=$(grep 'Elapsed Time' $SDIR/logs/$PROGRAM.log | \
>    sed 's/^\([[:digit:]]\+\)\..*$/\1/');
> # ...
> echo "SBU: $(($time_elapsed / $standard_sbu))"
> But no matter, the
> infomation we need is inside the log file, so you just make a second
> pass over the log file when all is done and extract the result.

Right.  In my case, I happen to know that the line I need is the last 
one in the current log, so I use

buildtime=`tail -n1 $log|cut -f1 -d" "`

Note that the time output honors the TIMEFORMAT environment variable, so 
I am using TIMEFORMAT="%1R Elapsed Time - $TITLE", so I get for output 
something like  '123.4 Elapsed Time - some title'

I then use bc to do the math and that gets a bit more accuracy, which 
helps especially for the packages that are less than 1 SBU.

sbu=`echo "scale=3; $buildtime / $base_sbu" | bc`

   -- Bruce

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