[blfs-dev] FireFox 29.0.1

thorsten fly_b747 at gmx.de
Mon Jun 2 09:28:42 PDT 2014

>  Tried 29.0.1 on recent svn x86_64 (Quedlinburg), looked at several
> flats.  Tried 29.0.1 on i686 LFS-7.4 (Rostock), and on i686 recent
> svn (Bad Doberan).  No crashes.  One of the Bad Doberan offerings
> had a video, but that needs flash which I don't have.
>  For Frankfurt I imagine there are far more flats listed, and
> therefore more scope for oddities in the pages.
>  I do remember that firefox has crashed at least twice in recent
> months when looking at sourceforge download pages.  But not
> repeatedly, each time my second attempt was fine [ i.e. these were
> the project page, or the page listing all the available files for
> the project, not any particular mirror ].
>  So, I cannot confirm the problem.
> ĸen

Hello again Ken,

I have no idea why these crashes happened with my unpatched cairo while
others do not get them. Different cairo versions? Some using the xcb
backend, others not? My crashes are fixed with the patch, if it helps
others with the same problem -- great.

With the next cairo release the fix should be included, so everything is

thanks for looking into this,


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