[blfs-dev] bash script

Christopher Gregory me at pc-networking-services.com
Mon Jun 2 04:57:40 PDT 2014


Well I have spent hours looking through the man pages on time(2), bash,
and trying to modify the SBU calculation script that jhalf uses to work as
a standalone to no avail.

The script at:


which has a few more features than the one on Bruce's SBU page:


is what I am using, with the program name modified accordingly.

what I need is the value of Elapsed Time set to a variable so that I can
divide it by the base_sbu value of bin-utils.

I know that I can manually do this, but I really do need it to work in a

The examples I have found on google are no help to me.

There has to be a way to just pass the integer value of Elapsed Time to a
variable without getting the frigging error that it is not an integer

I know from the research that time outputs to stderr.

I am NOT a scripter nor a very good programmer as I normally hate going
around in endless circles going no where.



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