[blfs-dev] FireFox 29.0.1

thorsten fly_b747 at gmx.de
Mon Jun 2 02:31:00 PDT 2014

Am 06/02/14 08:57, schrieb Bruce Dubbs:
> thorsten wrote:
>>>   The question I want to ask is "how common is this problem ?" - for
>>> me, firefox has always crashed from time to time, but I haven't seen
>>> consistent problems.  On the (rare) occasions when it disappears,
>>> retarting it normally shows no problem.  Is there a site people are
>>> willing to mention which always, or even usually, crashes their
>>> firefox ?
>>> ĸen
>> Hello Ken,
>> I am on i686 and one site constantly crashing ff is
>> www.immobilienscout24.de. If you try to look at the expose of a flat
>> there and scroll down the expose, it crashes 99 out of a hundred times.
> I'm not using FF, but the site doesn't crash for me.  I'm not sure what
> you mean by 'look at the expose of a flat', but scrolling is fine.
> I am using seamonkey with noscript.

Hello Bruce,

the main site does not crash. Sorry for the bad description.

If you visit one of the advertised flats, say you search for a flat in
Frankfurt and look at one in particular, scrolling down this page, then
ff crashes nearly everytime (at least on my system) without the cairo

When running in that crash, I used gdb to get a backtrace and it was the
NULL bug mentioned in the cairo bugreport. So for me at least the patch
fixes it. I do not know, if this is scriptrelated, so perhaps with
noscript you don't hit the bug.



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