[blfs-dev] Gnome app configuration

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sat Sep 28 01:49:50 PDT 2013

Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> I've been doing some testing with Gnome apps at version 3.10.  My
> experience with them is quite minimal, but they do seem to work for the
> most part.
> Looking at gedit-3.10.0, the editing fuction works, but the appearance
> is dreadful.  The border around the window is fine, but the padding
> between the border and the editing field is black.  I can't seem to find
> a way to change that.
> I can change the editing field to a few themes: Classic, Colbalt, etc,
> but the buttons have white text on a gray field when unselected.  That
> makes them unreadable.  When highlighted with a mouseover, the buttons
> change to a readable background, but there should be a way to customize
> a bit more.
> Also the spacing for the drop down menu items is zero.
> Does anyone know how to modify the settings of apps like gedit?

Well, I have made some progress.  The main problem is that I was running 
gedit over an ssh connection.  I've noticed that Gnome applications 
don't really like that.   On the actual machine, there is no significant 
issue.  I've seen this before with other gnome apps.

I don't have a problem running a KDE app (e.g. kate) over ssh, although 
it is quite noisy with kde messages.

   -- Bruce

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