[blfs-dev] Can print - again, but... (was: Cannot print - again)

Fernando de Oliveira famobr at yahoo.com.br
Sun Sep 15 09:29:29 PDT 2013

I have set debug2 in the client and server. More than an hour to read
the log, with that :-(

Reading the log, everything is successful, but the file sent to the
printer has no data at all, so it is not surprising that nothing is printed.

Em 13-09-2013 11:37, akhiezer escreveu:

>  - will continue to keep an eye on out your reports, not least in case
> might be related to the thread "[blfs-support] Cannot Print document
using HP
> Printer", ca. Aug 24 ff, for Sirsendu Roy.

Perhaps, what I did could help Sirsendu to get the system printing.

Yesterday, a small progress. I could print with the commands in the session:

Raw or Unfiltered Output

The -o raw option allows you to send files directly to a printer without
filtering. This is sometimes required when printing from applications
that provide their own "printer drivers" for your printer:

lp -o raw filename
lpr -o raw filename

The -l option can also be used with the lpr command to send files
directly to a printer:

lpr -l filename

of the page


I was interpreting this as a problem with my installation of cups-filters.

One thing I was sure: the URI was correct, because even not printing,
the server received and processed the request. After raw printing
succeeded, more sure yet.

Some parameters, to explain what I did:

LFS    cups     cups-filters    gutenprint    status
7.1    1.6.1    1.0.24          5.2.9         working
7.4    1.6.3    1.0.38          5.2.9         broken

Tried cups-filters-1.0.36, reinstalled everything.

This morning, installed cups-1.6.1, and I could print again! Either from
command line:

lp ~/sshfsNovoGamer.sh

or even using gtk+ (firefox).

The bad news is that I could not find what to do to get current cups

Present working status:

LFS    cups     cups-filters    gutenprint    status
7.1    1.6.1    1.0.24          5.2.9         working
7.4    1.6.1    1.0.38          5.2.9         working


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