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Denis Mugnier myou72 at orange.fr
Fri Sep 13 14:09:22 PDT 2013


Good job for the BLFS released !!

two typos ( forword.xml file )
> +  <para>After five years, The BLFS Team is happy to present version 7.4 of
> +  Beyond Linx From Scratch.  This version includes approximately 750
Beyond Linux From Scratch
> +  packages beyond the base Linux From Scratch Version 7.4 book.</para>
> +
> +  <para>Keeping up to date with released packages that are useful to users is a
> +  challenge.  On average, three new packages are released every day, seven days
> +  a week.  As of this writing, BLFS is current.  The vast majority of packages
> +  in the book have been verified ot work in an LFS-7.4 environment, however a
at work ?



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