[blfs-dev] BLFS status

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Wed Sep 11 11:15:59 PDT 2013

The tagging for LFS-7.4 is now complete.

There are 4 normal priority tickets left:

wireshark - new today and I'll update that today.
posgresql - ken is working this
xterm     - new version today.  Igor, do you want to do this?
cups-filters - fernando, can you do this?

Other items:

We haven't been listing ImageMagick, but we are at 6.8.6-6 and current 
is 6.8.6-9.  Do we want to do this now or wait until 6.8.7?

We are holding on BlueZ-5.1, Lua-5.2.2, and FFmpeg-2.0 because the most 
recent versions are not compatible with packages in the book.

The question now is how to handle a BLFS-7.4 release.  We can get the 
current 4 (or 5) packages incorporated in a day or two, but new versions 
of packages will keep coming.  I can tag a 7.4 version, make a few 
editorial updates and call it BLFS-7.4.  That can be done pretty much 
any time.

Or we can do a -rc for a week with a package freeze.

Or call for comments now, continue updating, and do a tag in a week or so.

Or something else.

What's the best way to go?

   -- Bruce

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