[blfs-dev] totem

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Tue Sep 10 13:55:23 PDT 2013

Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> Ken Moffat wrote:

>>   I haven't looked at grilo's dependencies, or its plugins (which
>> will enable more of the totem plugins), but my gut feeling is that
>> at least grilo needs to be in the book.
>>   I also noted that gentoo have it as optional, but they do that by
>> conditionally specifying which of the plugins to build (
>> --with-plugins= ) and hence omitting grilo plugins if grilo has not
>> been built.  That doesn't seem practical for BLFS.
>>   Rather than duplicate effort, I'll leave seahorse to you.
> OK, add the grillo page.  I found it to be just CMMI and didn't look at
> grillo plugins.  I evidently had the dependencies because it didn't
> complain.

I saw that you added grillo and updated totem.   Do we want to mention 
the grillo plugins?

> I'll tackle seahorse, probably tomorrow.

A quick look and it bombs with an incorrect API.  I downloaded version 
3.9.91 and that requires gcr-3.9.91.  Downloaded that and both build 
easily.  Perhaps we need to go to those versions for now.

Will need to check epiphany and gnome-keyring as they use gcr also. 
seahorse is only a run time dependency for epiphany.

   -- Bruce

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