[blfs-dev] Perl Modules - some no longer required ?

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sat Sep 7 17:57:26 PDT 2013

Ken Moffat wrote:
>   I've changed the indexing of all the perl modules which are or were
> fully in the book from Other to Packages (although I think I said
> 'Programs' in the commit message : bad ken).  This matches the
> python modules : versions don't show in longindex.html, but they are
> in the first part of the index instead of right down at hte bottom.
>   My general view of perl modules is that they are either a build
> dependency or a runtime dependency for something else.  I use a few
> which provide a program, but those aren't in the book.  So for
> tagging I need to find what uses them.  The following are not yet
> tagged -
> Glib-1.280 : used by Xfconf
> libwww-perl : used by wget
>   So I can give those two a try.
>   But for the remaining four, I do believe they are obsolete:
> Crypt::SSLeay - was used by gnucash, which has been archived, and is
>   used by Finance::Quote (see below)
> Date::Manip - at the risk of offending Good Sir Bruce, I can only
> find gnucash and Finance::QuoteHist (which has been commented out)
> using this.

I sure thought that something needed it yesterday, but a grep through 
all my logs shows no hits.  It was probably just a hit by a script that 
it was out of date.

> Finance::Quote - was used by gnucash
> HTML::TableExtract was used by Finance:;QuoteHist (q.v.)
>   It is possible I have overlooked something.  If not, is it ok to
> comment these four modules ?

Yes, I think that's reasonable.  There are hundreds of these modules, so 
having something not needed is just putting them with all the rest.

   -- Bruce

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