[blfs-dev] [BLFS Trac] #4024: libnotify-0.7.6

Fernando de Oliveira famobr at yahoo.com.br
Wed Sep 4 13:19:58 PDT 2013

Em 04-09-2013 13:11, Bruce Dubbs escreveu:

> svn mv archive/gnome/notification-daemon.xml gnome/platform/
> edit gnome/platform/platform.xml
> make other changes as required (general.ent, changelog)
> commit

Thanks, after what ĸen tought me, I could easily understand this
summary, and not remain wondering if had done all necessary steps. Was
thinking first to delete, then add, as we kept doing that day to test
the server for the patches. Great to know that there is a mv.

Hope that the book will survive to what I edited :-) Please corect or
tell me, if there are mistakes.

Do not use XFCE nor KDE with (B)LFS, so imagined should only add words
that I was sure about.

>> 4. should the book be updated to the development version, or is that
>> info wrong, perhaps only appearing in the pt_BR page?
> Generally, we want to use the version upstream considers stable, but 
> that's not always possible,  See, for instance, tidy, fontconfig, and 
> librsvg.

OK, never noticed that in fontconfig and librsvg.

Thanks again, to you and ĸen.


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