[blfs-dev] [BLFS Trac] #4024: libnotify-0.7.6

Fernando de Oliveira famobr at yahoo.com.br
Wed Sep 4 07:39:01 PDT 2013

Em 03-09-2013 20:21, Fernando de Oliveira escreveu:
> Em 03-09-2013 12:24, BLFS Trac escreveu:
>> #4024: libnotify-0.7.6
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>>  New point version
> I thought it would be simpler than (x)sane, so tried this before.
> I was going to update this, built it, have all statistics, but it does
> not work for me.

Works now, but had to do some tweaks.

> Midori does not give me notification. rebuilt Midori, still no notification.

It does, now.

> notify-send -t 0 Alarm "Teste" does not do anything.

Works, now.

I needed to have notification-daemon running. Tested with lxde (not in
the book), and with plain startedX (in the book). I may be blind, but
cannot find notification-daemon in BLFS svn. Fortunately, I had it
running in this host I am using to erite this, and searching through the
applications starting in the session, found a line with the daemon.
Where I have got it before, cannot remember. I thought that having
notifications from firefox was enough to test notify-send.

Another issue, when searching the problem in the web (and there are many
references to problems similar to mine, with completely different
reasons and solutions), I found at the page:


"Versões disponíveis:
0.7.6 (versão em desenvolvimento)"

which translates to something like:

"Available Versions:
0.7.6 (version in development)"

Now, I do not know how to proceed:

1. include notification-daemon as required runtime dependency, perhaps
not for DE that have a similar one running?
2. where is the page for notification-daemon?
3. do not know how to bring from archive the page for
notification-daemon, if this is the case, nor how to add it back (Ken
have patiently and kindly given me important guidelines about it, but I
still have to study).
4. should the book be updated to the development version, or is that
info wrong, perhaps only appearing in the pt_BR page?


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