[blfs-dev] Plan for today

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Mon Sep 2 22:18:47 PDT 2013

Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> Today I plan on continuing building and tagging packages for 7.4.  Right
> now we are about 80% done, but that means there are still about 150
> packages left that are still marked lfs73.


> This morning I'll start with postscript and texlive and then start
> working through the gnome packages.  If I get all those done, it will be
> a good day.

Well it wasn't a good day.  I've been wrestling with webkitgtk for about 
12 hours.  I finally got it to complete the build, but it was painful.

Even using -j3, it still takes 45 SBU.  On my system, that's still about 
100 minutes.  If I try to time it with -j1, it takes at least 150 minutes.

In any case, bison3 breaks it without a sed.  It's in such a place that 
it only comes up at the end of the build.

sed -i "/%union/i %lex-param {YYLEX_PARAM}" \

fixes the problem.

For some reason, it wants to do a lot of compiles during make install. 
I didn't have PKG_CONFIG_PATH configured when using sudo, so make 
install failed right at the end (of course).

One of the more painful parts is that there is a error in a header that 
gcc provides warnings about.  It prints out about a half page for every 
file about a wrong construct that it proceeds to ignore.  The log is 5.3 
MB due to the thousands of warnings.  Fortunately, the warnings can be 
quieted with a one line sed:

sed -i "s/: private HashMap//" Source/WTF/wtf/HashMap.h

I think WTF is an appropriate directory for that.

I'll make the commit on this tomorrow.

   -- Bruce

Did I mention that I *really * don't like webkit.

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