[blfs-dev] NetworkManager and systemd

Ragnar Thomsen rthomsen6 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 27 16:24:49 PDT 2013

On Wednesday 27 March 2013 21:06:49 Armin K. wrote:
> Since Iptables is recommended and we assume that recommended
> dependencies are installed, I'm against disabling it by default. An
> explanation when to use the switch is okay.


> You might also want to add --with-suspend-resume=systemd so it will use
> Systemd instead of UPower for suspend/resume tracking. Both can be added
> to the command explanations if you desire. We don't use Systemd by
> default just yet.

Alright, thanks for the tip.
> I was thinking about starting a Systemd branch for BLFS, but I am unable
> to maintain it alone. GNOME 3.8 was released about a hour ago and it
> uses Systemd (I have no ConsoleKit on my system) for everything. It
> could possibly use ConsoleKit for most stuff but I wouldn't bother.

Is it necessary to start a separate branch? We could just provide alternate 
instructions for people using systemd...

I have also removed consolekit and am using systemd for everything. Session 
management in KDM can be made to work with systemd through the pam module.

> An additional optional block can't hurt.

I will add it.

> I have that package and it's nice one. I'd like to see it in the book.

Yes, I might add it to blfs. It is still in the unstable kde repository, but 
it seems quite stable to me.

> Nothing against. While you are at it, can you check if KDELIBS works
> with UDisks2? It appears to work here. Use -DWITH_SOLID_UDISKS2=ON CMake
> option.

It seems to work here (i.e. I can mount usb drives without problems), but I 
noticed this in my .xsession-errors file:
"/org/freedesktop/UDisks2/drives/Hitachi_HTS547550A9E384_J112005EERZAZA" : 
property "Drive" does not exist 
: property "Drive" does not exist 
"/org/freedesktop/UDisks2/drives/Hitachi_HTS547550A9E384_J112005EERZAZA" : 
property "DeviceNumber" does not exist 
"/org/freedesktop/UDisks2/drives/Hitachi_HTS547550A9E384_J112005EERZAZA" : 
property "Device" does not exist

I think we can remove udisks1 from blfs, since it was only kdelibs that 
depended on it.

- Ragnar

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