[blfs-dev] Rendering LFS/BLFS books

Baho Utot baho-utot at columbus.rr.com
Mon Mar 18 08:52:00 PDT 2013

I have cloned the svn repositories for the BLFS and the LFS books.
I have then rendered both LFS and BLFS books.
I have found some things I would like to bring to the table.

1.    The BLFS book places the finished book in a totally different sub 
         I am suggessing the following change to the Makefile


         BASEDIR ?= $(HOME)/public_html/blfs-book-xsl
         DUMPDIR ?= $(HOME)/blfs-commands


         BASEDIR ?= ~/blfs-book
         DUMPDIR ?= ~/blfs-commands

         This makes it consistent with the LFS book output locations

2.    The BLFS svn book does not make the boot scripts package like the 
LFS book.
         Can this be added/corrected to the book makefile so it matches 
what the LFS book
         does and produce the bootscripts package?

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