[blfs-dev] 1st attempt

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Tue Mar 12 09:27:01 PDT 2013

Jean-Philippe MENGUAL wrote:
> Hi,
> At http://demo.accelibreinfo.eu/dotconf.tar.bz2
> you will find my 1st attempt of xml file. I add thus dotconf 1.0 to the
> book. It's a dependency of speech-dispatcher (I'll finish soon), speech-dispatcher
> is a dependency of orca. It helps too for brltty. It is used often in
> speech-to-text technologies.
> I wait for your 1st feedbacks. My main issue now is describing the installed libraries.
> How do you do? Is my list too precise (I put everything is installed)?
> I really would appreciate your help about this part of the xml file (methods,
> ideas, generic description). Binaries are not always easy to describe, but libs...
> I nearly cannot figure out how we can do.

It's a good start, but what we need is for you to integrate it into the 
book.  Make sure the book builds with your changes and do 'svn diff > 
dotconf.diff' Then send the diff.  As long as the diff is less than 
about 20-30K, just attach it - no need to compress.

As Ken suggested, add an entity to general.ent for the version.  I'd suggest

<!ENTITY dotconf-version  "1.0.13">

And put it in Chapter 9 (seems similar to popt).

Then edit general/genlib/genlib.xml to add the new section.  Finally the 
new section goes in as general/genlib/dotconf.xml

Looking at the contents, remove the reference to the template.  Use 
dotconf-version every place you have 1.0.13.  Choose an id, probably 
simply "dotconf".

For the Contents, change Librar(ies,ies) to Libraries and change 
Program(s) to Program.  Be specific for what you have.

The libraries should be libpool.a, libdotconf.{so,a}.  You don't need to 
mention links.  You don't need to actually describe the libraries, just 
the executable unless there is something special about the library.  The 
description for dotconf-config is a little brief.  If there is a man 
page, what does it say?

   -- Bruce

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