[blfs-dev] Various contributions are bkout coming

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sun Mar 10 17:49:48 PDT 2013

Jean-Philippe MENGUAL wrote:

> I'm about finishing my lfs-7.3 and I'll build blfs against it.

That's very good.  Thanks.

> I'm going,
> during the process, to work in parallel to contributing to the project. For
> example, I'll send an blog article about quvi this week.
> Just now, my questions are:
> - Interested in tags "&blfs_73" (is known to build against lfs-7.3" for packages
> I'll build?

The easiest thing for packages that build against LFS 7.3 without 
changes is to just send a list of those packages.  Updating the tag is 
just a matter of changing a tag from &lfs72_checked; to &lfs73_checked;

I've already changed over 100 packages, but there are still about 500 to go.

My usual approach is to build what I need first.  For instance, I build 
bc and lsb-release (for my scripts), openssl/openssh, sudo, which , 
wget, and ntp.  I then start building what is needed to for the books: 
subversion, docbook, libxml2, etc.  My next step is Xorg, following 
required and recommended dependencies as needed.

I then jump around a bit.  I usually put off window managers to last 
because they have so many dependencies that need to be built before 
testing that its generally easier to do other things first.

My next steps will be two fold.  I've ordered some extra RAM for my 
development system and want to install that to be able to do multiple 
qemu sessions.  I plan to update from kvm-qemu to plain qumu.  I've 
built that from the latest git commit and it's looking good.  I'll also 
start multimedia, and LAMP applications.

> - interested to add brltty to the book?
> - Interested to add Cython module for Python? It'd help brltty to build against
> Python3, as so far it can only build against python2.7, as pyrex only works
> on python2.7. But pyrex seems deprecated, Cython is more recent and brltty
> knows to build against it.
> For Cython, help would be welcome. For brltty I can give you a xml file. It'll be
> a good support to build speech-dispatcher, so all the orca's dependencies would
> be shipped in the book.

I'm not familiar with brltty or Cython.  I don't know if they would have 
general interest or not.

   -- Bruce

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