[blfs-dev] Resend: A note on Xorg Updates

Armin K. krejzi at email.com
Sun Mar 10 09:45:48 PDT 2013

Resend, this belongs to blfs-dev, not lfs-dev ... Quick hand problem.

Hi there,

If you remember, we agreed not to upgrade Xorg components very often 
some time ago.

You can notice, however, that I sometimes bump a library, driver, server 
and such for a newer version.

The reason behind that is mainly that even upstream developers "agree" 
that katamari releases are waste of time. So my thoughts are we 
shouldn't wait for any major stuff to happen (like we did wait for Xorg 
Server 1.13.0 because we didn't want to upgrade libraries and protocol 
headers just because we agreed on that) and just upgrade things as they 
get released - as other rolling release distros do.

If you are interested, here is the link to upstream post


Probably the most important part is:

     In keeping with the X.Org goal of about one release per
     year, Release 7.7 of the X Window System occurred 6 June
     2012. Release 7.6 was about 1.5 years earlier, in
     December 2010. However, there is some feeling among the
     developer community that the "katamari" point releases
     of all of X are no longer terribly useful, yet are a big
     consumer of developer resources. Thus, it is likely that
     these releases will be farther apart in the future, or
     will cease altogether--not because development pace is
     decreasing, but because point releases of individual
     components are a better mechanism in the "new" world of
     modularized X development.


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