[blfs-dev] OpenSSH

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Mon Mar 4 17:04:54 PST 2013

Treah Blade wrote:
> Hello guys thought I would share this little tidbit of information
> that I happened across. I apologize if someone else has mentioned it
> already. Anyway I was building Wget and used the option to include
> openSSL and it reported that that library was not there. Well that was
> odd to me because I had installed openSSH and it requires that its
> there ( according to the book ). So I dug around in my system and
> noticed that indeed the library was not there so I attempted to build
> openSSH again and to my surprise it configures correctly without issue
> and builds without issue even though openSSL is not installed on the
> system. OpenSSH must have some internal version of the openSSH library
> thats used. I reinstalled openSSL and rebuilt openSSH thinking that it
> would find the library and use it but from the configure nothing
> changes as far as I can tell.
> So long story short does openSSH even use the openSSL library anymore
> at all and uses an internal copy, or does it only use an internal one
> when it does not find openSSL on the system?

Look at your output from configure.  You should have 'Libraries: 
/usr/lib/libcrypto.a ...'  ssh uses static linking.  I think we used to 
explain that at one time, but I don't see it now.

   -- Bruce

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