[blfs-dev] Xulrunner-18.0.1 installed files ownership

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sun Feb 24 16:41:06 PST 2013

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> Bruce Dubbs wrote these words on 02/24/13 17:38 CST:
>> Randy, I 'm not 100% sure the problem is in the tarball.  Many times I'll do
>> make DESTDIR=/tmp/pkgname install
>> and the user will be me, not root.

> If you did that as the root user, then the package is broken. I see it very,
> very, rarely. Berkeley DB comes to mind. However, my build script for
> xulrunner (from a year and a half ago) contains commands to chown files.
> Just like we are seeing now. Trust me, I performed 'make install' as the
> root user and the installed files have ownership of the user that performed
> the build. To me, this is broken behavior.

No, I don't do that as root.  Most packages don't need that, but as you 
note, some do.  Checking my xulrunner script, I see that I did need to 
install as root, even to DESTDIR.

> There are very few packages that install files with ownership other than
> root:root when you run 'make install' as the root user. Firefox (xulrunner)
> is one of the few. That is why I say it is an upstream issue. I have not
> examined the Makefiles, as it doesn't matter, the files still are installed
> with bad ownership and should be fixed as a post-installation task.

> I do wonder; however, how your Firefox installation ended up with root:root
> ownership. Mine doesn't, the original poster's doesn't and my build script
> shows that I needed to change ownership before my latest installation.

Looking at my log, 
http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/~bdubbs/xulrunner-16.0.1.log, I don't 
see where the install is actually done.  They use a command, nsinstall, 
that is not very verbose.

The install starts about line 29852 (of 36513).  Look for "BLFS Start 
INSTALL", but I didn't see much that would be useful.

   -- Bruce

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