[blfs-dev] Which traceroute

NP np at logma.ch
Wed Feb 20 05:31:15 PST 2013


BLFS traceroute current version is 2.0.18and it is installed in 
/usr/binwith normal privileges.

But an older version of tracerouteis built in LFS (Inteutils-1.9.1) and 
installed in /bin suid.

As a result the newly installed program is not in use (depending on the 
current path).
 > which traceroute -> /bin/traceroute

IIRCthere was a note in older BLFS editions about either placing 
traceroute suid in /usr/bin or preventing usage by unprivileged users by 
removing the suid bit and moving it in /usr/sbin.

Should not the newprogram replace the previous one or, at least, a note 
written to the reader about this ?

Best regards.

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