[blfs-dev] udisks-1.0.4

Armin K. krejzi at email.com
Mon Feb 18 09:11:39 PST 2013

Dana 17.2.2013 16:52, Randy McMurchy je napisao:
> Hi all,
> Package udisks-1.0.4 lists LVM2 as a required dependency. However, using
> the BLFS instructions to build udisks1, after running ./configure the build
> will not include LVM2. You must add the --enable-lvm2 parameter to get the
> build to use LVM2.
> Is this something that changed has udisks1 was updated to recent versions,
> or just an oversight on BLFS' part?
> Seems to me the way things are right now that the LLVM2 package should be
> listed as optional for udisks1.

libdevmapper is part of LVM2.


It's necesary.

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