[blfs-dev] PAM files for kde-workspace

Ragnar Thomsen rthomsen6 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 01:16:09 PST 2013

I want to discuss the PAM files for kde-workspace. Armin, is there a
reason that you created the files different from the file for login?

For example, you use the pam_env.so module in auth instead of session.
The man page doesn't reveal what the difference is in running this
module in auth versus session.
You use pam_succeed_if.so and not pam_access.so, pam_limits.so and

Shouldn't the same modules be used when logging into kdm as when
logging in with login?

Of course for kde-np (passwordless login) the pam_permit.so module
must be used instead of system-auth.

- Ragnar -

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