[blfs-dev] libiodbc overwrites files from unixODBC

Armin K. krejzi at email.com
Mon Feb 11 18:19:54 PST 2013

On 02/12/2013 02:58 AM, Randy McMurchy wrote:
> Armin K. wrote these words on 02/11/13 19:15 CST:
>> On 02/12/2013 02:12 AM, Randy McMurchy wrote:
>>> My script reports this when installing libiodbc after unixODBC is
>>> already installed:
>>> The following files will be overwritten:
>>> /usr/include/odbcinst.h
>>> /usr/include/sql.h
>>> /usr/include/sqlext.h
>>> /usr/include/sqltypes.h
>>> /usr/include/sqlucode.h
>>> /usr/lib/libodbc.so
>> Try --disable-libodbc when building libiodbc
> This does disable the /usr/lib/libodbc.so symlink but does not prevent
> the installation (and overwriting) of the interface headers. We need to
> come up with some solution.
> At this point, it appears the libiodbc package is the one stepping on
> toes, though I would have to really dig into the history of the two
> packages to see who really came up with the header names first.
> Does anyone have a suggestion on how we should proceed? We simply cannot
> allow one package to overwrite header files from another package unless
> they were identical (which I have not checked, but is unlikely).

Try --includedir=/usr/include/iodbc

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