[blfs-dev] Dependencies in X chapter

Fernando de Oliveira famobr at yahoo.com.br
Fri Dec 27 05:36:49 PST 2013

Em 27-12-2013 09:26, Pierre Labastie escreveu:
> Hi,
> As you may have seen, I have added xorg-env as a dependency of xbitmaps. But
> since xbitmaps is required by Xorg applications, which also requires mesalib,
> which requires xcb-proto and the like, it may be not necessary. However,
> theoretically, a user following the dependencies for X server backward may end
> up building xbitmaps as the first package in the X chapter (I agree that the
> probability is small).

I would keep it as you modified (actually, I missed that, when studying
the problem).

> Furthermore xscreensaver requires only Xorg
> applications (well, that is king of weird to me, but Armin has arguments about
> the server running remotely). In this case, the probability is slightly higher.

This should be fixed to include the whole xorg as required runtime

> There is also something which bothers me: when a dependency refers to X Window
> system, where should the user begin? The id "x-window-system" refers to the
> beginning of the chapter, but nowhere it is said what should be built to get a
> working X installation (actually, the xcb-util-xxx packages are not needed for
> a basic installation, and neither are xclock, twm, xterm nor xinit, although
> the last four are useful to do the first tests of Xorg).

I had the same problem, when fixing fop, earlier today, and did what
thought was best. But a better definition of a working xorg for runtime
dependencies would be good, perhaps it is just xorg-drivers or xinit?

> BTW, shouldn't twm be added to the deps of xinit, at the same level as xterm
> and xclock? Right now xterm and xclock are "required (runtime only)", and twm
> is not mentioned. Strictly speaking, none of the three are required, even at
> runtime: you could build another terminal (say rxvt), forget about xclock,
> build another WM, and start them in ~/.xinitrc. Of course, If you keep the
> defaults, xclock, xterm and twm are started by xinit? So I suggest to put them
> as "recommended (used by default at runtime)".



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