[blfs-dev] About requiring "xorg7"

Pierre Labastie pierre.labastie at neuf.fr
Thu Dec 26 02:54:23 PST 2013

Hi dear fellow editors,

I have seen recent changes requiring "xorg7" for packages pertaining to the
installation of X (IIRC utils-macros and xcb-proto). This is not a problem in
itself, since xorg7 is the introduction page, and there has been discussion
about referring to the introduction for having users set the XORG_XXX
variables (I do not think this will successful, but wait and see).

But I have seen that xorg7 is used at other places in the book to mean the
full X install (for example in FOP page, where the it is said "You must run
this installation from an X-window using a GL-aware Xorg server or some of the
JUnit tests will hang").

So this seems inconsistent to me. I guess a better use would be to refer to
some other page when meaning a full X installation. For example qemu refers to
"x-window-system", which may be better if we want to refer to the full X

Any thoughts?


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