[blfs-dev] remove pcre from wireshark dependencies [Was: ... r12437 ]

Fernando de Oliveira famobr at yahoo.com.br
Mon Dec 23 13:05:03 PST 2013

Em 23-12-2013 14:27, Igor Živković escreveu:
> On 12/23/2013 05:20 PM, Fernando de Oliveira wrote:
>> Em 23-12-2013 12:14, igor at higgs.linuxfromscratch.org escreveu:
>>> Author: igor
>>> Date: Mon Dec 23 07:14:25 2013
>>> New Revision: 12437
>>> Log:
>>> remove pcre from wireshark dependencies
>> Did you remove because it is required by other dependencies? Please,
>> tell which one. I am asking it because I need to improve (a lot) my
>> knowledge about dependencies.
> I couldn't find in the source code where it's used directly. It might be 
> used via GLib though.

Thanks, Igor,

I also could not find pcre at the beginning, but then I did:

$ find -iname \*pcre\*
$ grep -ri pcre
Makefile.nmake:    rm -r -f pcre-6.4
Makefile.nmake:    rm -r -f pcre-7.0
tools/fix-encoding-args.pl:           FT_PCRE
AUTHORS:	Display filter operator: matches (PCRE syntax)
ocbook/dfilter2xml.pl:	'FT_PCRE',		'Perl Compatible Regular Expression',
packaging/nsis/uninstall.nsi:Delete "$INSTDIR\pcrepattern.3.txt"
packaging/rpm/SPECS/wireshark.spec.in:#BuildRequires:	pcre-devel
rawshark.c:        case FT_PCRE:
rawshark.c:            return "FT_PCRE";
epan/enterprise-numbers:      dan&blipcreative.com
epan/CMakeLists.txt:	ftypes/ftype-pcre.c
epan/wslua/wslua_proto.c:	ftypes.UINT_BYTES, ftypes.IPv4, ftypes.IPv6,
ftypes.IPXNET, ftypes.FRAMENUM, ftypes.PCRE, ftypes.GUID
epan/ftypes/Makefile.in:	ftype-none.lo ftype-pcre.lo ftype-string.lo
ftype-time.lo \
epan/ftypes/Makefile.in:	ftype-pcre.c	\
@am__quote at ./$(DEPDIR)/ftype-pcre.Plo at am__quote@
epan/ftypes/ftypes.h:	FT_PCRE,	/* a compiled Perl-Compatible Regular
Expression object */
epan/ftypes/ftype-bytes.c:	/* fv_b is always a FT_PCRE, otherwise the
dfilter semcheck() would have
epan/ftypes/ftype-bytes.c:	if (strcmp(fv_b->ftype->name, "FT_PCRE") != 0) {
epan/ftypes/ftype-bytes.c:		regex,			/* Compiled PCRE */
epan/ftypes/ftype-string.c:	/* fv_b is always a FT_PCRE, otherwise the
dfilter semcheck() would have
epan/ftypes/ftype-string.c:	if (strcmp(fv_b->ftype->name, "FT_PCRE") != 0) {
epan/ftypes/ftype-string.c:			regex,		/* Compiled PCRE */
epan/ftypes/Makefile.common:	ftype-pcre.c	\
epan/ftypes/ftype-tvbuff.c:	/* fv_b is always a FT_PCRE, otherwise the
dfilter semcheck() would have
epan/ftypes/ftype-tvbuff.c:	if (strcmp(fv_b->ftype->name, "FT_PCRE") != 0) {
epan/ftypes/ftype-tvbuff.c:			regex,		/* Compiled PCRE */
epan/ftypes/ftypes.c:	ftype_register_pcre();
epan/ftypes/ftype-pcre.c: * $Id: ftype-pcre.c 48424 2013-03-19 19:02:25Z
etxrab $
epan/ftypes/ftype-pcre.c:/* Perl-Compatible Regular Expression (PCRE)
internal field type.
epan/ftypes/ftype-pcre.c: * compilation and studying of a PCRE pattern
in dfilters.
epan/ftypes/ftype-pcre.c:/* Generate a FT_PCRE from a parsed string pattern.
epan/ftypes/ftype-pcre.c:/* Generate a FT_PCRE from an unparsed string
epan/ftypes/ftype-pcre.c: * and we want to store the compiled PCRE RE
object into the value. */
epan/ftypes/ftype-pcre.c:    static ftype_t pcre_type = {
epan/ftypes/ftype-pcre.c:        FT_PCRE,        /* ftype */
epan/ftypes/ftype-pcre.c:        "FT_PCRE",      /* name */
epan/ftypes/ftype-pcre.c:    ftype_register(FT_PCRE, &pcre_type);
epan/ftypes/ftypes-int.h:void ftype_register_pcre(void);
epan/proto.c:			case FT_PCRE:
epan/proto.c:	{ FT_PCRE,	    "FT_PCR"	       },
epan/proto.c:		case FT_PCRE:
epan/proto.c:			/* FT_PCRE never appears as a type for a registered
field. It is
epan/dissectors/packet-dcom.c:	guint32 u32RPCRes;
epan/dissectors/packet-dcom.c:			hf_dcom_variant_rpc_res, &u32RPC

After that, I thought I should leave it as optional. So I was wrong,
doing that, you think?


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