[blfs-dev] Subversion update for swig

Fernando de Oliveira famobr at yahoo.com.br
Sun Dec 15 12:13:43 PST 2013

Em 15-12-2013 17:04, Pierre Labastie escreveu:
> Hi,
> I've ended with the attached patch. I do not want to commit yet, because I
> feel like I butchered Fernando's work, and I'd like him to agree. What it
> mainly does:
> Move swig and python to recommended, so that default instructions build Perl
> and Python bindings.
> Regards
> Pierre

Go ahead, Pierre. Actually, last update for subversion was by Igor. I
did not want to do it, exactly because thought you would do it and
include your modifications. :-)

Thanks for making BLFS even better.

Next update, I will do, if nobody does it before me, and will update
just he statistics and version, hopefully, but have no intention of
modifying your commit, unless subversion is modified and it would be
absolutely necessary even if you would be the one doing the update.


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