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> Subject: [blfs-dev] Wayland
> I haven't been paying much attention to Wayland and didn't understand 
> the issues, but a friend pointed me to this talk.  It may be interesting 
> to others on the list.
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RIctzAQOe44

 - yes, that's much more like it; compare'n'contrast with sysd behaviours.

The making-saner of X has been very welcome and refreshing; and look 
forward to it continuing. Interesting (& ~obv) that breaking into explicit 
modularity was a key step. What stage is work, if any, on doing likewise 
for the kernel (as distinct from explicitly micro-kernel &c stuff); Torvalds 
hisself acknowledges that it's creaky and over-complex (don't have exact 
quotes right here right now) and is/was likely a problem to be dealt with 
'manana but soon' (or whatever the equiv would be in units of years). That 
kind of thing could help make it more difficult for attempted sysd-like 
coups like we're seeing.

Yeah, Wayland/&c branch of b/lfs - could be interested in that; got X++ 
stuff here (in own-fmts) and 's quite easy and nice to work with.

I know that folks can read, but just to flag up - in case of use - the link 
on that youtube page, to (a mirror of) the 'original' archive:


>   -- Bruce
> -- 


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