[blfs-dev] Proposal of patch to correct bad URL

Denis Mugnier myou72 at orange.fr
Tue Dec 10 21:47:25 PST 2013

Le 10/12/2013 23:30, akhiezer a écrit :
> Do you automate the testing of the book's urls for brokenness: would 
> have caught the (apparent) errors in the patch; and save a lot of 
> manual work in the medium-/long- term. Not sure if Bruce's 
> test-for-updates cron script would incorporate test-for-brokenness, or 
> if you have access to that.

Yes, I automate the testing of URLs. My first goal is not to test the 
urls, but to compare the URLs between the English and French translation 
of BLFS. Together, I check the URLs with a wget --spider command.
Currently, my script don't work properly, but when I have debug it, I 
can post here the testing of book's urls part.



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