[blfs-dev] Totem-3.10.1 and grilo-plugins-0.2.9

Fernando de Oliveira famobr at yahoo.com.br
Sat Dec 7 09:43:31 PST 2013

Em 06-12-2013 21:48, Fernando de Oliveira escreveu:
> Em 06-12-2013 20:25, Armin K. escreveu:
>> On 12/07/2013 12:18 AM, Fernando de Oliveira wrote:
>>> Youtube: I have a problem, but at least, got some action:
>>> (totem:3783): Grilo-WARNING **: [youtube] grl-youtube.c:614: Failed to
>>> get video URL. totem-pl-parser error '0'
>>> (totem:3783): Totem-WARNING **: Current element has no URL to play
>>> So, I think it is not perfect, but works. Will try to see how to make
>>> youtube work. Help would be much appreciated.
>> Try building totem-pl-parser with quvi support. Use libquvi-0.9. Quvi is
>> responsible for url parsing.
> OK, I have YouTube working!!! Thank you very much, Armin!!!
> Had to install (in this order):
> libproxy-0.4.11 (cmake)
> libquvi-scripts-0.9.20131104
> libquvi-0.9.4
> totem-pl-parser-3.10.0
> still complaints, so, installed:
> luasocket-3.0-rc1 (downloaded with git; no configure, make prefix=/usr
> install-unix)

The plugins work by dividing each folder (let us say Youtube) in
subfolders, until under the last one there is a list of songs, movies,
etc, as we have in a file manager. This is the one that can be played.


Apple Movie Trailers

Gets all folders up to the last one, but do not list the media under it:


Not working: Podcasts

Cannot tell if working: Optical Media

ĸen, is this what you were getting? (Please forget the other message,
when I got YouTube working).

I believe there is some dependency missing, tried lots of them, without


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