[blfs-dev] Mozilla Builds

Dan McGhee beesnees at grm.net
Fri Dec 6 13:38:08 PST 2013

On 12/06/2013 02:43 PM, Ken Moffat wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 06, 2013 at 02:03:24PM -0600, Dan McGhee wrote:
>> I'm not suggesting any changes to the book. I was asking a question. And
>> you're right about the time savings. I like FF and TB, but if I could
>> get it done in one 50+ SBU build, that would be great. And I sure do
>> appreciate "work-benefit" analyses.
>> And I will present my results for use in any way. I need to finish my
>> UEFI write up for LFS first, but needed to get both e-mail and browser
>> working in the same partition for convenience sake.
>   I don't build thunderbird, but for firefox with system nss, nspr
> using make -jN saves a lot of time.  Where N is the number of CPUs
> that the kernel sees, whether they are real or hyperthreaded.  Using
> more than that always slows things down for me (even mere kernel
> builds).
That's why I tried re-compiling my kernel for SMP.  Right now I get only 
CPU0 out of four.  But I haven't been able to get an SMP kernel to boot 
and nearly gorked my whole build so far because the names of the modules 
apparently get prefixed with SMP and my "old" kernel can't find them--at 
least that's what I think I saw when the messages went screaming by when 
I tried to boot my "old" kernel.  Oh well, another project.
>   Unless you have a specific need for xulrunner, I wouldn't bother
> building it.  Using firefox without xul doesn't build all of
> xulrunner, so there is a small compile-time saving in that part.
Too late!  The build just finished.  :)
>   Also, the SBUs for firefox/xulrunner are easily affected by small
> changes in the value of the SBU (e.g. when starting from an old
> system).  But using -j4 I see around 30-33SBU for my own builds /
> deps / switches, and around 40+ SBU with -j2.
>   Trying to use a single xulrunner build for thunderbird as well as
> firefox sounds like an interesting idea, but I suggest you go with
> the easy approach until you are ready to test and document that
> idea.
> ĸen
I got attracted to this when I read that Firefox would build with about 
0.3 SBU instead of ~50.  I knew at the time that I was going to have to 
rebuild Thunderbird because I compiled it without gstreamer and system 
NSS--both of which are in place now.  I thought that I could "save" 
about another 50 SBU if Thunderbird would compile as rapidly as Firefox 
did with Xulrunner.

Right now, with no actual experience and only logic (and reasonable 
logic I hope), I figure that since you can build any combination of 
SeaMonkey, Firefox, Thunderbird and Xulrunner from one source release, 
Thunderbird should be able to compile just like Firefox.  I know that I 
will get Thunderbird 25.0.1 instead of the version in the book, but I'll 
see what happens.


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