[blfs-dev] Totem-3.10.1 and grilo-plugins-0.2.9

Fernando de Oliveira famobr at yahoo.com.br
Fri Dec 6 13:24:05 PST 2013

Em 06-12-2013 18:10, Bruce Dubbs escreveu:
> Fernando de Oliveira wrote:
>> Package grilo-plugins-0.2.9 is not in the book.
>> Starting totem without it gives two error messages:
>> {{{
>> (totem:2856): Grilo-WARNING **: [registry] grl-registry.c:440: Could not
>> open plugins' info directory '/usr/lib/grilo-0.2': Error opening
>> directory '/usr/lib/grilo-0.2': No such file or directory
>> (totem:2856): Totem-WARNING **: Failed to load grilo plugins: All
>> configured plugin paths are invalid
>> }}}
>> grilo-plugins-0.2.9 installs essentially:
>> {{{
>> libgrlappletrailers.so  libgrljamendo.so          libgrlpodcasts.so
>> libgrlbliptv.so         libgrllastfm-albumart.so  libgrlraitv.so
>> libgrlbookmarks.so      libgrllocalmetadata.so    libgrlshoutcast.so
>> libgrlfilesystem.so     libgrlmagnatune.so        libgrltmdb.so
>> libgrlflickr.so         libgrlmetadatastore.so    libgrlvimeo.so
>> libgrlgravatar.so       libgrloptical-media.so    libgrlyoutube.so
>> }}}
>> Just to correct these two warnings, is it worth including
>> grilo-plugins-0.2.9 in the book?
> What happens if you 'mkdir /usr/lib/grilo-0.2'?

First warning disappears, but not the second one.

> It looks like at least some of those plugins may be useful.  Perhaps the 
> plugins should be added for their functionality.

I also had that feeling, but was not very sure.

I think it could be worth.

Waiting for your and others' replies, if there is no objection, I will
create a ticket and try to do my first (new) addition to the book.

Did not trim, so it will be easy for anyone to follow from here.


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