[blfs-dev] Mozilla Builds

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Fri Dec 6 11:09:54 PST 2013

Dan McGhee wrote:

> I'm assuming that Firefox, Xulrunner and Thunderbird are all listed
> separately in the BLFS book to satisfy those individuals who want to
> build only one of the applications.

That's right.

> Is it possible to satisfy those
> desires by having only one "Mozilla" section?  Then all or one could be
> built.  Oh, I forgot, that includes SeaMonkey too--and the calendar
> whose name I have forgotten.

The mozilla apps can be divided up in a number of ways.  I do use 
seamonkey, so why would I want to build FF or TB?  (Actually I do build 
them for the book's purposes).  The only reason I can see to build 
Xulrunner is to save a little time if building both FF and TB, but that 
runs into issues if trying to upgrade one and not the other.

> As soon as Xulrunner finishes cooking and I get a Firefox build up and
> running, I'm going to try the Thunderbird thing.  I need to recompile it
> anyway because I didn't build it against a system NSS.

Any input is appreciated, but whether it makes it into the book would be 
a matter for more discussion.  There are multiple ways to accomplish a 
task in a lot of cases.  Whether a new method provides enough additional 
benefits needs to be evaluated against both the utility and the 
maintenance effort.

   -- Bruce

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