[blfs-dev] Mozilla Builds

Dan McGhee beesnees at grm.net
Fri Dec 6 10:51:23 PST 2013

I became interested in using Xulrunner to speed up Firefox builds and 
then, by extension of logic, Thunderbird builds.  I couldn't find any 
examples of mozconfig files, similar to the one in the book for Firefox, 
to build Thunderbird against an installed version of Xulrunner.  But I 
did find the directions for building *all* mozilla products from one 
source package here:


Because all the applications all use the gecko engine and they all have 
the same dependencies, I'm thinking that one could build Thunderbird, as 
excerpted from the book, like Firefox.  The only hole in my logic is 
that both Firefox and Xulrunner are built from the same source package 
and using a different release of Thunderbird.  Now that could be only a 
result of Thunderbird-25.0.1 is just not being in the book yet--no 
finger point, just a statement.  If I am correct, then I could build 
Thunderbird-25.0.1 from the same source package as Firefox and 
Xulrunner, but use the mozconfig for Thunderbird with the ac_add stuff 
for xulrunner.  Any thoughts?

The only other thing I don't know,  only because I haven't read through 
the patches yet, is how the "freetype" patches work.  I don't know if 
the one for Thunderbird would work.  After I look at the patches, I 
suppose that I could plagiarize one if I needed to.

Because of my "book" statement above and what I'm about to ask, I just 
want to add to the record that I am *not* saying anything about the 
current set of editors.  Looking at who used to be around--and I 
remember all the names--and those who are currently active, it seems to 
me that the work of maintaining {,B}LFS on the schedule that is in 
current used has increased at least 2^2 if not 2^4.

I'm assuming that Firefox, Xulrunner and Thunderbird are all listed 
separately in the BLFS book to satisfy those individuals who want to 
build only one of the applications.  Is it possible to satisfy those 
desires by having only one "Mozilla" section?  Then all or one could be 
built.  Oh, I forgot, that includes SeaMonkey too--and the calendar 
whose name I have forgotten.

As soon as Xulrunner finishes cooking and I get a Firefox build up and 
running, I'm going to try the Thunderbird thing.  I need to recompile it 
anyway because I didn't build it against a system NSS.


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