[blfs-dev] Missleading text in QT4

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Wed Dec 4 13:56:15 PST 2013

Thomas Trepl wrote:
> Hi,
> There is a sentence
> "If also installing Qt5 into /usr, symlink the Qt4 executables into /usr/bin
> by running the following commands as the root user: "
> followed by the instruction to create symlinks. I find that a bit missleading
> as it sounds like the symlinks are not required if I do not go to install Qt5.
> Do you read that in that way also?
> I think that the author want to point out that the suffix "-qt4" is required
> when installing Qt5 because the binaries would be overwritten than. But
> the symlinks to /usr/bin (with or without the suffix) are required anyhow.

No matter how you phrase it, loading both Qt4 and Qt5 into /usr/bin is a 
kludge.  There are programs with identical names but different 
functionality in both versions.  The better way, IMO, is to install both 
in separate directories and just manipulate PATH to select the one you want.

Note that this does not apply to running applications as there is no 
naming collision with the library names.

   -- Bruce

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