[blfs-dev] Missleading text in QT4

Thomas Trepl thomas at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Dec 4 13:22:59 PST 2013


There is a sentence

"If also installing Qt5 into /usr, symlink the Qt4 executables into /usr/bin 
by running the following commands as the root user: "

followed by the instruction to create symlinks. I find that a bit missleading 
as it sounds like the symlinks are not required if I do not go to install Qt5.   
Do you read that in that way also?

I think that the author want to point out that the suffix "-qt4" is required 
when installing Qt5 because the binaries would be overwritten than. But 
the symlinks to /usr/bin (with or without the suffix) are required anyhow.

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