[blfs-dev] Some build times

John Burrell john_burrell at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 29 11:01:49 PDT 2013

> You are building with make -j 1 ? I don't build all of those
> packages, but on my Intel i3-2120 (SandyBridge, low-end) with make
> -j4 I get:
> firefox (without xulrunner) 3130 seconds
> qt 2413 seconds
> but libreoffice 15269 seconds (not as full a build as I had intended,
> "only" 55 languages - I missed a few) I guess you are only doing an
> English build :)

Yes, I didn't tweak (not twerk) the j's this time. I'm using a laptop and I was having problems with overheating and shutdown if I did -j4. (My AC's old and needs an upgrade (as well as my laptop by the look of it)).

> Also, your firefox build looks as if something is wrong in your
> mozconfig - with xulrunner already built, firefox should only take a
> few minutes, even with make -j 1. There was a similar issue noted a
> few months ago, and I then hit it. ISTR it was to do with our old
> method of NOT quoting EOF when creating mozconfig, together with
> some variable escapes. Or perhaps you didn't uncomment the lines to
> use system libxul.

I built Firefox first and then realized I needed xulrunner because I wanted icedtea-web (that's really very silly isn't it - surely it should be possible to make icedtea-web build against Firefox. After all, it's Firefox that's running my Java applets. I didn't want both xulrunner and Firefox on my system if it's not absolutely necessary).

It seems the developers are outpacing the hardware guys, despite Moore's Law.


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