[blfs-dev] Some build times

John Burrell john_burrell at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 29 08:46:24 PDT 2013

I've just finished installing LFS-7.4-rc1 and building a Gnome-3.9.90 alpha desktop on it.

I thought you might like to see some actual build times for some of the packages that take a little longer!

Package     unpack build    build
                         (s)        (s)       (hrs)

llvm                   8     4387      1.22
qt4                     7     7443       2.07
webkitgtk2       1   10877      3.02
firefox             23   10033      2.79
xulrunner       24   10477       2.91
libreoffice      12   14821       4.12
openjdk       229     6435       1.79

The unpack time for openjdk includes the download time for icedtea, etc (8 packages).

Two years ago I could go from disk partition to a Gnome desktop in 16 hrs.

It's now taking nearly 18 hrs to build these 7 packages.  This can probably be reduced a little
by optimizing the use of the cores, but even so if you intend to continue building Linux
from source, make sure you get a hobby to pursue while you're waiting.


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