[blfs-dev] Problem trying to build apache-ant-1.9.2

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Mon Aug 26 09:02:53 PDT 2013

Fernando de Oliveira wrote:
> Em 25-08-2013 17:55, Fernando de Oliveira escreveu:
>> Em 25-08-2013 16:50, Bruce Dubbs escreveu:

> Sorry for the rumbling of yesterday (not sure if this is the right word).

LOL.  Yes that's a fine word for this.

>> I am really without a clue of what to do next.
> I have tried the new apache-ant in more other systems, always build
> successful. So, the "other " machine were I found the problem is
> probably this one, I was too busy with the new system, and
> underestimated the consequences. Hard way of learning the lesson. :-)
> It would be good to discover what happened. Have just seen a patch for
> strace, by ĸen. Would strace be of any help? Anyway, I will give it a
> try later, this afternoon, after starting another LFS build.
> Bruce, is it right if I understand the problem is with glibc?

It's hard to tell.  Could be HW, glibc, kernel, compiler, or some other 
package.  You really need a debugger and intimate knowledge of the code 
to tell.

> I went to sleep, after that post. In the middle of night/morning, woke
> up, came to my machine, and decided that would build a new system, now
> from svn, using 7.4-rc1 to bootstrap. Started by installing gparted,
> have already partitioned. Later today, start it, was still too tired to
> continue.

I can relate.  I went to bed at 10PM local and woke up at 2AM.  Tossed 
about an hour and decided to work a bit.  Went back to bed at 7AM and 
just got up again at abot 1030AM.  Fortunately, that's a bit extreme. 
I'm usually a bit more 'normal'.

> This new system will hopefully run java, so I will be able to tag OJDK,
> with it. And use the old one to go on tagging other applications. If
> everything works, svn will become my new preferred host and vm.
> I have also to thank Bruce for the support and time he spent with this,
> I was so disappointed yesterday, that I forgot this.

No problem.

   -- Bruce

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