[blfs-dev] Automating BLFS

Pierre Labastie pierre.labastie at neuf.fr
Sun Aug 25 08:42:00 PDT 2013

Le 25/08/2013 17:16, Bruce Dubbs a écrit :
> Rob Landley wrote:
>> So if there's a vacuum, I note that I'm finally updating my old
>> automated LFS 6.8 build to 7.4-rc1, and once I've got that I'd like to
>> automate the corresponding BLFS release. (I automated 80 or so BLFS
>> packages before, but that was for an employer and got left behind when
>> the contract ended.)
> I'm not sure what you mean about automating BLFS.  A lot of users create 
> scripts for each package.  Do you mean that you are tying these scripts 
> together in a super script, creating a Makefile, or something else?
>> This is building Linux From Scratch on top of an arbitrary host
>> environment, and I'm testing it using the aboriginal linux base system
>> for several different targets qemu supports (building natively on each
>> target under an emulated build environment). It's slow, but not _that_
>> slow on modern hardware and I've got distcc set up calling out to the
>> cross compiler on the host to speed it up a little and take advantage
>> of SMP.
>> The potential advantage of this for BLFS is regression testing: you can
>> plug in a new package and see what effect it has on all the others.
> That's a very good observation.
>> What I don't currently have is a way to parse the docbook and generate
>> automated builds from that. I'm currently doing it by hand. If the
>> instructions are regular enough that a machine can be programmed to
>> follow them, it would probably be a good idea to do that.
> Take a look at jhalfs.  That does a very good job with LFS, but the BLFS 
> side is somewhat less used.  What you seem to need is to be able to 
> extract the commands with xsltproc, but writing that is somewhat of an 
> arcane art. Looking at the lfs and blfs stylesheets may give you some ideas.
I think the closest to what you are seeking is the ablfs (automatic BLFS) project,
which is an upgrade of the old jhalfs BLFS project. You can get it at:
svn co svn://svn.linuxfromscratch.org/ALFS/jhalfs/branches/ablfs

There are instructions for using it. Feel free to ask for further information
(the alfs-discuss list should be the best place).


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