[blfs-dev] Recent commits and my resignation

Armin K. krejzi at email.com
Fri Aug 23 19:22:36 PDT 2013

On 08/24/2013 03:33 AM, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> Armin K. wrote:
>> You take the liberty to modify everything to your liking, so do I. Hang
>> on, qt4 instructions are comming back. Just needed some clean-ups.
> You take the liberty of changing things that have been in place for ten 
> years without discussion.  You need to be a part of a team.
>    -- Bruce

Yet I personally added Qt5, libva+libva-intel-driver and libvdpau (and
choose (mostly) correct category for 2 latter them since they didn't fit
anywhere else), and 3 more packages ought to be in that category (which
probably won't land there anytime soon, at least not by me).

They are not, and I repeat not Xorg Drivers. They are multimedia
libraries, used for video decoding, but accelerated by hardware (that
doesn't make them Xorg packages, they can work without Xorg, too). Same
way as Mesa isn't part of Xorg, it is however used by Xorg. But given
Wayland is about to get widely adopted in the next year or two, it won't
be Xorg only project.

Qt4 and Qt5 instructions were just fine (and yet I spent six or seven
hours today waiting for build to finish (32+64bit build for v4) just so
I can polish the instructions to be better. Yet you come and adjust
everything to your liking. I don't have anything against adding new
instructions to anything, but for hell's sake, don't throw other
people's work into garbage. It was like saying "f you, I know better".
Well, you could've done that any time in the past 10 years (since you
mentioned it so), why start after I adjust everything to be okay?

Yet speaking of 10 years, lots of things change in 10 years and you have
to modify something to work with *todays* technology, not with the one
from 10 years ago.

Now with this, since I don't know to be part of the team, I want to resign.

I have attached my latest work if someone wants to continue it. Adjust
to your needs. It is MesaLib 9.2 update which is to surface next
Tuesday. Instructions were written against 9.2-rc1.

Please, remove my accounts from anduin, higgs and quantum servers as
well from LFS and BLFS trac (both Krejzi), or if remove isn't possible,
remove my privileges.

I am serious, there is no going back now.

I will unsubscribe from ml myself. Please don't send me any mails about
this, I won't change my mind. I obviously don't know how to work with

I ain't mad at anyone, I take it is my mistake so I'm the one who needs
to disappear. You can contact me if you feel I can help you with
something (support questions) at this e-mail address.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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