[blfs-dev] Certificate Authorities Certificates

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Thu Aug 22 07:08:25 PDT 2013

Fernando de Oliveira wrote:
> Three points:
> First one, I could do, but the other ones, I would prefer, either is a
> too important decision or it is too big for me, but if necessary, can try.
> 1. Minor one, but noticed it, yesterday:
> In the book,
> cleaning: rm -r certs BLFS-ca-bundle*
> However, certdata.txt is left. Is it intentional, or should be cleaned too:
> rm -r certs BLFS-ca-bundle certdata.txt

That's the downloaded data.  Leaving it was intentional.  Do you delete 
the tarballs after you install the package?

> 2. Minor one, too:
> Never understood: wget is explicitly used, but only optional. Perhaps,
> should be placed at "Recommended" or "Required", alternatively, the
> comment "a web browser may be used instead of wget but the file will
> need to be saved with the name certdata.txt" could be closer to "Optional"?

You can change it to Recommended.  There are alternate ways to fetch the 
data, but the instructions do assume wget.

> 3. This, I think is important, although, can be delayed. However, it
> might be good having it for an eventual BLFS-7.4.
> DJ requested a "blob" with how to install or update cacerts for OJDK, in
> this page. I would like to open a ticket for us not to forget this. If
> needed, I could help. For example, if a xml could be sent to me with the
> places and some comments of the new items, and them, I could insert the
> commands.

That's fine.  You never need 'permission' to open a ticket.  It can 
always be closed.  Since I don't do much java, I really don't have an 
opinion of the OJDK cacerts, but it does seem reasonable.

   -- Bruce

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