[blfs-dev] docbook-utils : TeX ? Why ?

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Mon Aug 19 17:51:02 PDT 2013

 I'm just reviewing my buildscripts for docbook/xml.  Got to
docbook-utils and it now lists texlive as *required*.  My considered
response is the same as my initial response : WTF ?

 The version (0.6.14) hasn't changed for more than 2 years, and it
never used to require any variant of TeX.  So what changed ?

 I've still got a couple of local versions of the book from 2012.
In those the required deps were openjade (instead of texlive),
docbook-dsssl and docbook-3.1.  Has this somehow got trashed during
the TeX -> Texlive changes ?   But then I noticed that jadetex used
to be an optional runtime dependency (with a note of what it was
used for), and that is no longer listed.  Jadetex was moved to the
archive in r10821, and as part of that texlive became required.

 Is that just an oversight, and it should be listed as 'optional,
needed for conversion to DVI, PS and PDF' ?

 As of April I built docbook-utils without any sort of (jade,)TeX and
everything seemed to work for what I'm doing (building packages on a
desktop).  As of LFS-7.2 it also worked fine for everything on my
server, which is where I render my local copies of the books.  So
why has this excrescence^W very large program become required ?

 Docbook-utils is also tagged for 7.4, but texlive isn't, so I guess
that confirms it isn't necessary.

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