[blfs-dev] [blfs-support] Trouble building LibreOffice-4.1.0

Fernando de Oliveira famobr at yahoo.com.br
Thu Aug 15 06:43:36 PDT 2013

Em 15-08-2013 09:57, David B. escreveu:
> On 14/08/13 22:00, David B. wrote:
>> On 14/08/13 07:16, Fernando de Oliveira wrote:
>>> The book uses --with-lang="" , that explains why the bug has not been
>>> hit by strict use of copy/paste.
>>> But also we have:
>>> {{
>>>    --with-lang="en-US pt-BR": This switch sets what languages to support.
>>> en-US is always needed. To list several languages, separate them with a
>>> space. For all languages, use --with-lang=ALL
>>> }}
>>> The easiest fix would be deleting any support for non-US locales, but I
>>> cannot believe anybody would agree with that, for this package, at least.
>>> A fix different from installing the binary packages from the Document
>>> Foundation would be great, to return to normal status.  If we cannot
>>> find it, I see no alternative other than including instructions on how
>>> to install those language packs.
>> There appear to be a couple of problems with the (new?) helper script,
>> bin/unpack-sources, which is intended to (automatically) untar the
>> translations (and help, if you build --with-help) tarballs, and set up
>> symlinks to the unpacked directories.
>> Firstly, as someone has noted, the script needs to be set executable.
>> Secondly, the tar and/or find commands to untar and create symlinks
>> don't work properly together. Thirdly, one of the checks is incorrect.
>> I've done the following:
>> chmod +x bin/unpack-sources
>> sed -i s/target\.mk/langlist\.mk/ bin/unpack-sources
>> sed -i 's/tar -xf/tar -x --strip-components=1 -f/' bin/unpack-sources
>> sed -i '/tar -x/s/lo_src_dir/start_dir/' bin/unpack-sources
>> The tarballs are now untarred directly to the correct place in the
>> module tree (ignoring the symlink creation).
>> The explicit commands to untar the translations (and help) tarballs in
>> the instructions in the book are now therefore unnecessary - you just
>> need the symlinks in 'src'. (Dictionaries still needs the manual untar,
>> (Previously, you would have ended up with two copies of the untarred
>> directories, i.e. 2 X 1.3GB)
>> David
> As an addendum to this, dictionaries still need to be installed 
> manually, e.g. for English dictionaries:
> mkdir /usr/lib/libreoffice/share/extensions/dict-en &&
> cp -R dictionaries/en/* /usr/lib/libreoffice/share/extensions/dict-en
> - otherwise, you don't get any spell-checking, etc.
> David

Yes, and help, too.

Thanks for all this.

I have sent a message earlier than yours, comparing things, but it has
not come to the list.

Bruce, should I send it again?


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