[blfs-dev] [blfs-support] Trouble building LibreOffice-4.1.0

David B. lfs at aba.eclipse.co.uk
Wed Aug 14 14:00:05 PDT 2013

On 14/08/13 07:16, Fernando de Oliveira wrote:
> The book uses --with-lang="" , that explains why the bug has not been
> hit by strict use of copy/paste.
> But also we have:
> {{
>   --with-lang="en-US pt-BR": This switch sets what languages to support.
> en-US is always needed. To list several languages, separate them with a
> space. For all languages, use --with-lang=ALL
> }}
> The easiest fix would be deleting any support for non-US locales, but I
> cannot believe anybody would agree with that, for this package, at least.
> A fix different from installing the binary packages from the Document
> Foundation would be great, to return to normal status.  If we cannot
> find it, I see no alternative other than including instructions on how
> to install those language packs.

There appear to be a couple of problems with the (new?) helper script, 
bin/unpack-sources, which is intended to (automatically) untar the 
translations (and help, if you build --with-help) tarballs, and set up 
symlinks to the unpacked directories.

Firstly, as someone has noted, the script needs to be set executable. 
Secondly, the tar and/or find commands to untar and create symlinks 
don't work properly together. Thirdly, one of the checks is incorrect.

I've done the following:

chmod +x bin/unpack-sources
sed -i s/target\.mk/langlist\.mk/ bin/unpack-sources
sed -i 's/tar -xf/tar -x --strip-components=1 -f/' bin/unpack-sources
sed -i '/tar -x/s/lo_src_dir/start_dir/' bin/unpack-sources

The tarballs are now untarred directly to the correct place in the 
module tree (ignoring the symlink creation).

The explicit commands to untar the translations (and help) tarballs in 
the instructions in the book are now therefore unnecessary - you just 
need the symlinks in 'src'. (Dictionaries still needs the manual untar, 

(Previously, you would have ended up with two copies of the untarred 
directories, i.e. 2 X 1.3GB)


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