[blfs-dev] [blfs-book] r11616 - trunk/BOOK/x/lib

Armin K. krejzi at email.com
Mon Aug 12 02:02:31 PDT 2013

On 08/12/2013 04:21 AM, Ken Moffat wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 12, 2013 at 02:46:27AM +0200, Armin K. wrote:
>> "Rather than offering you the illusion of the free choice, I'll take the 
>> liberty of choosing for you."
> [snip]
>  I understand where you are coming from, even though I loathe the
> example (pulse - for me it doesn't bring any benefits, and just
> complicates things).
>  It seems a plausible stance to take throughout BLFS, but I guess
> the likely consequence will be that exactly one desktop environment
> will be supported (and 'startx' will be regarded as an intermediate
> step on the way).  I'm not sure that many of our users will like
> that.

Not quite. On a standard prefix setup (everything into /usr), I have 3
desktop environments and 3 display managers. From each DM, I can choose
whichever desktop I like. Upgrade is somehow painful (takes a lot of
time), but is not impossible when you do it right - for example I track
installed files (simply using find) and first remove everything before
installing newer version.

>  OTOH, since I can't build LFS svn at the moment, you can feel free
> to disregard my comments until such time as I can again contribute
> :-)
>  Seriously, BLFS used to be about providing choice.  Some of the
> past deecisions meant that editing was hard (e.g. building things
> like TeX for docs), but people seemed to mostly manage to get
> working systems.  Or perhaps they just gave up - I've no idea (I
> only see the mails which appear on the lists).  Maybe the scope of
> BLFS is too broad ?  (yes, I dread writing that because it may open
> up the "separate books" discussion again, but unless there are
> enough active developers / editors then the project goes nowhere.
> ĸen

Well, the "not enough active developers / editors" is the first thing
that came to my mind when I said about choice. If we keep telling to
offer a choice that has a lot of variants, but  don't have enough
manpower to test every configuration, we will probably get hit by some
bugs that we never accounted for.

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